Old School

Since it is spring, I thought it would be time to buy my little boy new shoes. Imagine my surprise when the type he described for his wish list were Converse High Tops. Those were all the rage in my school back in the 80's! While there are only a few stores in our town that sells shoes, I knew the pair he wanted would be found at a little mom and pop store that know how to do it "old school".

We hopped into the car and drove to The Stockroom found in Rupert Square. This family owned business has many retro styles, from High Tops to Vans.

They had so many retro styles that I was filled with urges to buy myself a pair, put on a cut up, neon, T-shirt and dance around listening to Billy Idol or Madonna. But, alas, I am a mom now, so I showed some restraint. It was like walking down memory lane and put a smile on my face to see those high tops on my boys feet as he ran down the sidewalk ahead of me.
The Stockroom
509 5th Street
Rupert, Idaho
(208) 436-9856


  1. yes, i'm walking down that same memory lane right now....high tops! seriously...the revival!
    2 cute!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. I remember those days-Glad the tradition lives on--ROCK ON! --- Sunshine.

  3. It's funny when kids think parents don't know what's cool, yet they are wearing what we were wearing 20 years ago ;-)


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