Talking Tongue -Campos Market, Rupert

Campos Market is a Mexican store located on the Rupert Square in Rupert, Idaho. The square is built around a park and many events are held there during the year. On Friday nights, the market fries up fresh chicharonnes, or pork rinds, and the smell waifs out the door, past the man selling roasted sweet corn, and out, into the square. The smell is alluring when your hungry. At the back of the market is a small restaurant with just about five booths. I ordered three tacos for $1.00 a piece. The waitress asked me what type of meat I'd like. She indicated the beef and the beef tongue were very popular. I have never tried tongue before, but have tried many things. Being a fan of the Food Network, I have seen many a chef say that while greatly underused in the States, it is a wonderful piece of meat and tastes like a very tender steak. So I ordered one tongue taco and two beef.

To ease my nerves the waitress brought out complimentary chicharonnes, still snapping and hot. They were really delicious and so different from what one would find at a convenience store. Fresh, chewy and yummy!

Okay, so here goes... my first tongue taco. It was very flavorful especially with a kick from the spicy green salsa and a squeeze of the lime. The texture is something that may take some getting used to and strangely reminded me of kissing an ex-boyfriend. Nevertheless, I was glad that I gave it a shot and can cross that one off of my "to do" list. I probably would not order the tongue again, although would definitely have tacos at the market again. More like street food than a restaurant, Campos Market's tacos pack a big flavor punch! Simple, satisfying, a little adventurous, and tasty!

Campos Market

507 F Street

Rupert, ID 83350-1635

(208) 436-3171


  1. You brave, brave soul..not me!
    I did that once with octopus and can still taste it.
    Three cheers for trying!

    What's next???

    Have a great weekend Christine!


  2. My heart did beat a little faster when they brought the taco over to me. I was thinking, "What in the world are you doing?" My mom is a vegetarian and found it quite disgusting although she never has a problem with me just having a burger. I guess tongue was pushing it just a little too far! ;-)


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